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PlanB4You | Really Different


PlanB4You | Really Different

We can help you to fulfill your wildest dreams!

Who are PlanB4u?
We are the BVBA Create Commerce (Ltd.), trading under the name of PlanB4You. We are located at Essensestraat 16/10, 1740 Ternat, Belgium. Our Entrepreneurs number is BE 0835 626 096 (equivalent to VAT and Chamber of Commerce registration numbers). Its a real Company with address (our headoffice is in Den Bosch, in the Netherlands), phone numbers, and they have invested in factories to make their own products.

Why it is called PlanB4u?
Every one has their primary source of income, let it be their salary, from business, pension, or rent income etc. But this plan is designed so that even any one with very little knowledge of networking can make a decent monthly income and hence called PlanB4u.

Business Plan
Just buy click blocks for 40 Euros and click 10 banners every day (make 2 Euros per day) for 25 days and make 50 Euros for every click blocks (10 Euros Profit)

  • It is the Foundation and the Engine of PlanB4You. After that we can purchase Extra Blocks, that also cost 40 Euros each and also mature/expire when they reach 50 Euros. Extrablocks do not pay 2 euros per day. Extra blocks can be seen as shares. Shares fluctuate. We get paid daily. The daily earnings from extra blocks have paid out on average 0.80 cents since PlanB4u began in Oct. 2013.
  • They bought 12 factories and going to manufacture/package products in their own factories and debit card too is coming soon
  • Members have to spend 25% of our earnings(25% on 10 Euros) in the Shop.The Shop is selling real tangible products. Some from brands like Apple or Gillette etc and some that PlanB will manufacture/package.
  • By a conservative estimate every member will be spending 100 Euros per month on shopping from PlanB4u shops and PlanB makes 30% profit, that means
  • 4000 members x 30 Euros = 12000 Euros profit for PlanB which shall be distributed to their members
  • Imagine if we have 12000 members and the profit PlanB will be making and our share from that
  • Watch the Videos (link at the bottom) for more info

General Info
English Webinars Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 p.m. (G.M.T. +1) Everything you want to know and more...

Earn from the Turnover
Buy extra blocks to earn from the company turnover. See the videos as to how to increase your earnings by buying extra blocks. Through the website we sell products with discounts.  We earn money through the selling of products and advertisements.  All profits go to the members.

Monthly Residual
You don't have to register people. But if you do you can get a monthly recurring passive income.
  • If you have registered 2 people(layer 1), than you get 10% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people.
  • If you have registered another 4 people(layer 2) than you get 5% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people.
  • if have registered yet another 8 people (layer 3) than you get get paid 3% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people
  • register another 16 people (layer 4) get 2% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people
  • register another 32 people (layer 5) get 1% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people
  • another 64 (layer 6) get 0.5% on the purchase of extra blocks of these people

What payment Processor they accept?
STP and Paypal or bank transfer

All Free accounts will be deleted from the system after 5 days, so make sure you purchase click blocks within 5 days of registering

The website do not have much info as of now, once you register you will get a mail from planB4u with your user id and password and also the information on where to send STP or Paypal and do not forget to add your reference no and name in the memo while paying
To your Success,
Amalia Mucciacito

Skype : maria.amalia.mucciacito


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